Cindy Crawford Brought Her Famed 1992 Pepsi Ad Into 2021

All in the name of charity.

Cindy Crawford Pepsi
Photo: David Yarrow, @cindycrawford.

Cindy Crawford has been a legend in the industry for decades, and not just because, at 55, she’s still ridiculously good-looking. Her career is so full of memorable runway walks, magazine covers, and commercial images, it’s hard to tally them all. But her iconic 1992 Pepsi soda commercial was a smash hit for the company — and, for us geriatric millennials, it still lives rent-free in our pop culture long-term memory. And now, pull up your screenshot folder because Crawford has gamely reinterpreted that Pepsi ad for the generation next.

Crawford posted the photo on Instagram, where she explained that it was a charity project to raise money for the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, WI. She journeyed back to the setting of the original video, the Halfway House Cafe in Santa Clarita, CA, and recreated the famous commercial from head to pointed toe shoes. She’s wearing a tiny white tank top with equally tiny shorts, along with the red stilettos that inspired a million sexual awakenings in the 90s. Peter Savic, who originally styled her hair in giant, soft caramel waves for the commercial, was back on set to duplicate his famous ‘do. Her sultry makeup was done by Sam Visser, one of today’s youngest and brightest makeup artists in the industry.

Crawford also explained why the Madison Children’s Hospital is dear to her heart. It was where her “brother [Jeff] was treated for leukemia,” she wrote. He ultimately died from the disease when he was three and she was 10, but in his memory, she says she’s raised $1 million to support medical research and patient care at the hospital. For now, she’s only revealed this image, but teased more to come — maybe another full-on Pepsi commercial? The kids today deserve to see this vintage moment on their screens.