“Déjà Vu”: Olivia Rodrigo Puts Her Driver's License To Use

Olivia Rodrigo in the rearview mirror

Four months ago, the average older Millennial didn’t quite know what to make of the latest Gen-Z music sensation: Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.” But after a handful of explainers, introductory guides, and just generally conceding to the fact that you could not go an hour without hearing that song on the radio, it seems that they’re all in, and ready to follow the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actress and pop star on her next narrative journey with the music video for “deja vu.”

Now, as the title suggests, Rodrigo is treading familiar territory in “deja vu”: heartbreak. The gist of the story is that whomever broke her heart is now onto the next girl, taking the new girlfriend to all the spots the singer used to go to with this former paramour while they were dating, telling the same jokes, eating strawberry ice cream, “trading jackets,” and even “watching reruns of Glee.”

And you’d better bet those “car rides to Malibu” he is now taking with his new girlfriend are getting on the singer’s nerves. If it’s the same person who broke her heart on “Drivers License,” allow Rodrigo to reiterate, she did not learn how to operate a motor vehicle from this guy just for him to take his next girlfriend to all of their former haunts.

And as the visuals in the accompanying music video would suggest, Rodrigo is putting that driver’s license to good use—swerving up the Pacific Coast Highway while wearing a chic headscarf reminiscent of a Hitchcock heroine and sneaking into a home to try on the new girl’s green dress.