Harry Styles Is the Squidman of Our Dreams in ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ Video

Here’s what you need to embrace your inner stylish squid.

A still from the music video for Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles
Youtube/Harry Styles

We’ve gotten so many versions of Harry Styles this year, at this point, it’s hard to keep up. There has been entrepreneur Harry, film festival Harry, and (spoiler alert) incel Harry. But we think it’s safe to say that half-squid Harry takes the cake. In the just-released video for his song, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” Styles shows a whole different side of himself, and we know it’s rude to stare, but we just cannot look away.

“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” opens with three men happening upon the greatest modern discovery since Olivia Wilde’s special salad dressing—a bearded Styles with the body of a squid. This trio of entrepreneurial minds then take Styles to their—you guessed it—sushi restaurant, and they prepare to cook and serve him to their guests. This is when the questions start rolling in. First, where did squid Harry come from and where can I find one? Also, what do they plan to do with his top half once they cook the squid part? For a moment, though, none of that matters, because Styles stops the cooks in their tracks when he begins to sing. Suddenly, dinner prep is over, and concert prep begins. Now, Styles is clean shaven (yet still a fish) with groupies surrounding him and catering to his every whim. They wash his tentacles, fetch him green tea, and apparently provide him with all the feathered robes and pearl accessories he could ever desire.

Unsurprisingly, Styles’ debut as a signing squid is a success...until it’s not. The fish-man loses his voice mid performance, proving he probably should have had another cup of tea. Either way, the chefs appear to have very little patience and it’s into the pot with Styles! Before long, he goes from a fabulous squidman to a yummy looking sushi roll, once again raising the question: What did they do with his top half?!

Mostly, though, I’m left wondering how I can make my life as fabulous as squid-Harry’s (pre-murder of course), and if you too had the sudden urge to cover yourself in pearls and feathers after watching this video, join the club, and keep scrolling.

All the Pearls

I guess you can file unlimited access to pearls under benefits of being half squid.

Shimmering Shades

Despite being indoors for the majority of his brief tenure at the sushi restaurant, Styles has no shortage of enviable shades.

Glam for Your Gils

If it’s good enough for Squid Styles, it’s good enough for you.

More Accessories for a Sushi Restaurant

Because why not?