A Complete Visual History of Heidi Klum’s Wild and Weird Halloween Costumes

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Heidi Klum as Princess Fiona for Halloween
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There are only a few celebrities that have everyone waiting to see what their Halloween costumes will be, and Heidi Klum is at the top of that list. Klum’s costumes are not just mere costumes, either. Whether she’s dressed as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, or even the iconic green ogre we all know and love named Shrek, the model undergoes a complete physical change—going all out with her Halloween looks with prosthetics, makeup, and props. Everyone wonders how Klum will top last year’s look, but somehow she always delivers. Sometimes she shows up to her own annual party, and is totally unrecognizable by the cavalcade of famous guests. Here, a look back at her wildest, wackiest, and weirdest Halloween costumes over the years.

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Klum wasn’t joking around when she said her moto for her 2023 look was “Go big or go home.” After leaving fans bewildered as to what she could possibly from a preview earlier in the day, the model stepped out for her annual Halloween bash dressed as a giant peacock—complete with a velour bodysuit and bird prosthetics. She was surrounded by several other people who imitated the creature’s feathers and somehow balanced on someone’s thighs during her grand entrance. Talk about commitment.

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Yes, that is Klum behind that costume as she slithered into her 2022 Halloween party dressed as a worm.


In 2020 and 2021, Klum cancelled her annual bash due to the COVID pandemic—but that didn’t stop her from dressing like a zombie mom and sharing it with everyone on social media.

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Klum transformed into a creepy alien for her 2019 bash.

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Klum was a spitting image of Fiona from Shrek for her 2018 celebration.

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The model went as the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 2017.

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Klum (3rd from Left) attended her 2016 Halloween party as herself (with a few clones for good measure).

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Klum did her bombshell best as Jessica Rabbit for her Halloween celebration in 2015.

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Klum’s towering butterfly wings were a sight to be seen in 2014.

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The model went as a rather chic, elderly woman in 2013.

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Klum gets fitted as Cleopatra for her annual Halloween party in 2012.

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Klum and Seal dressed as apes from The Planet of the Apes in 2011.

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Klum dressed as a purple Transformer, glittered face and all, for her 2010 party in New York City.

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Klum was almost unrecognizable as a crow in 2009.

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Klum went as the Hindu goddess Kali for her 2008 party at 1 OAK N.Y.C.

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The model donned her feline best in 2007.

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Klum slithered in as the Bible’s “Forbidden Fruit” during her 2006 event.

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Klum’s 2005 vampire costume was definitely not bought from the store.

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In 2004, the bombshell turned up as a red haired, vampire-witch hybrid for her annual Halloween celebration.

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Klum dressed up as an armored golden goddess in 2003.

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While Klum has grown accustomed to throwing her own events, she dressed as an evil Betty Boop for Dolce & Gabbana’s 2002 Halloween party.

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The model rode in on horseback as Lady Godiva for her annual fête in 2001.

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Klum channeled her inner dominatrix for her 2000 Halloween bash.

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