Julia Fox and Emily Ratajkowski Are Teaming Up to Break the Internet

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 01: Julia Fox is seen on November 01, 2022 in New York City.  (Photo by Rach...
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It’s sort of amazing that no images of Julia Fox and Emily Ratajkowski together had, to our knowledge, publicly existed on the internet until today. The two downtown darlings are regulars on the fashion party circuit, travel in similar circles, love to push both style and social commentary boundaries, and are single young mothers (in fact, Ratajkowski’s ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was a producer on Fox’s breakout film, Uncut Gems). Then again, historic moments are worth waiting for, and the photo of the two finally together that Ratajkowski posted on Instagram stories this morning promised so much more.

As it turns out, Fox will be the next guest of Ratajkwoski’s recently launched podcast “High Low,” with the episode dropping tomorrow (perfect listening on your way to the polls). Announced last month, “High Low” promises to provide “thoughtful discourse” on “everything from politics, philosophy, and feminism to sex, TikTok and relationships.” These are topics the pair are both increasingly known for discussing on their own platforms separately. In fact, EmRata previously had Fox’s back when her “controversial” take on parenting went viral (a take that really wasn’t actually that controversial, but the internet decided it was because news was a bit slow and it needed some sort of discourse to keep going). Assuredly, we can count on some sort of internet-breaking moment to come out of this meeting of the minds. Perhaps Fox will even drop a new pronunciation of “Uncut Gems” like she did during her last viral podcast moment.

Image courtesy of @EmRata

In the meantime though, the pair gave us some content to tide us over. First, there’s the photo itself. Ratajkowski is wearing a butter yellow denim jacket over a black crop top, with black, white and gray patterned pants. It’s the same outfit she wore last week to stop by the Today show to promote the premiere episodes of the podcast, so we’re going to assume that’s when the actual episode was recorded. Meanwhile, Fox certainly isn’t one to pass up a chance to make a statement with her eye makeup. She’s wearing the outlined suggestion of a classic cat eye to compliment her matching black denim set decorated with carefully placed bleach stains.

The pair also gifted us with a TikTok in which they recreate Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke’s viral “Negroni Sbagliato” moment, though this time adjusted for dating preferences.

Hopefully, however, the podcast isn’t the last time we see the two cross paths.