Julia Fox Invites Kanye West Into Her World for Her 32nd Birthday

Kanye West, masked, and Julia Fox
Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Certain corners of the tabloid press and social media have grasped onto a theory that Kanye West is turning Julia Fox into some sort of Kim Kardashian clone. It’s a narrative easily sellable to those who weren’t familiar with Fox before her Ye entanglement, but one that, upon closer inspection, doesn’t really hold up. Julia Fox was her own woman well before she met West, and remains so. The latest evidence: she held her 32nd birthday last night at Lucien, the Lower East Side restaurant where she also recently celebrated her son’s first birthday; she’s frequented the French-style for years. Yes, West was there, but this was Fox on her home turf. She’s been a Lucien regular for so long, she actually chose it as the location to give multiple interviews with major outlets back in 2019 when she first rose to prominence thanks to her role in Uncut Gems.

At the risk of inviting scorn from the LES’s artier circles, how do we best explain this to readers not familiar with the ins and outs of NYC social scenes (which, to be honest, is most people)? Okay, you know how on Friends they always hung out at that one coffee shop or on Seinfeld they were constantly at that same diner? That’s basically what Lucien is for certain members of the LES art scene (emphasis, perhaps, more on scene than art). They’re always there. Like Cheers, everybody knows your name (though some might pretend not to).

So, last night’s shindig was not the latest example of the alleged Yeezy-fication of Fox, but simply Julia Fox being Julia Fox. She probably would have spent her 32nd birthday very much the same way had she not met West.

In the numerous social media artifacts that have emerged from the night, West, dressed in—what else?—a black Balenciaga hoodie, is always close to Fox’s side. The rest of the crowd is dominated by Fox intimates, including her BFF Richie Shazam, the model Paloma Elsesser, playwright Jeremy O. Harris, creative Aziah “Zola” Wells, Tommy Dorfman (who once photographed Fox alongside Pete Davidson for the cover of Paper magazine), and Interview mag EIC Mel Ottenberg, among many others. West was a guest in Fox’s world, not the other way around. “Ye flew into New York City for her birthday and then is flying back to L.A. to finish his new album [‘Donda 2’],” adds a Page Six source.

Apparently, West was a gracious guest. As assumed by social media evidence and confirmed by TMZ, West bought Fox and some of her closest pals baby Birkins (though, apparently not everyone in attendance got one. “I love you, am immensely proud of you, and jealous that i didn’t get a birkin,” wrote Dorfmann on Instagram).

TMZ adds that later in the night, the pair met up with a few of West’s friends at Sei Less to preview some tracks from the upcoming Donda 2.

Still, it’s odd that everyone on the Internet pretends to be fluent in astrology while still assuming West is trying to turn Fox into a Kim clone. Why would pop culture’s most famous Gemini want to date the same woman twice? The fact that Fox opens up an entirely new scene to him is probably part of the appeal.