You No Longer Have to Waste Your Breath Saying ‘Julia Fox and Kanye West’

Julia Fox and Ye attend the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 show
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you were hoping the Internet could go one day without mentioning the ongoing surrealist saga that is Julia Fox and Kanye West’s relationship, Tuesday, January 25th will not be that day. There is no way one could stay quiet with such exciting developments occurring, begging to be reported. In the world of modern celebrity dating, Fox and West just took a major step in their relationship: they gave themselves a couple name.

On Monday, following Fox and West’s leather-full trip to the Schiaparelli couture show, Fox took to Instagram to share pictures and videos on her Instagram Stories of their experience, as if the Internet wasn’t already full of them. One photo, however, did stand out thanks to its enlightening caption. There, in white letters on a black background, followed by a heart, read “Juliye.”


It’s not hard to see how she got there. Julia + Kanye = Juliye, fair. But there is the issue that Fox fully took the formula from West and Kim Kardashian’s iconic couple name, Kimye. We know West is a fan of the Kardashians, which makes this current coupling a little weird, yes, but Fox fully embraced the fandom to the point where most people seemed to be OK with it. I mean, who isn’t at least a begrudging fan or slight admirer of the Kardashians these days? But now, with the debut of this name, it seems like Fox is angling to slot herself into similar status.

Could she have been more creative? Foxye. Fest. Wex. Kanya. There, four very nice options. OK, they don’t quite have the same flow as Juliye, but they also don’t have the history that Juliye invokes.

And then, there’s the spelling. Was the “i” truly necessary? It doesn’t add much. The “y” is getting the job done just fine. Maybe, Julia though that by adding the “i” she would be mixing things up a little from the “Kimye” format, but we see right through her. More likely, though, Fox wants the comparisons, she welcomes them. The actress has made it very clear that she does not care...about frankly anything. She is just living her life, having photo shoots in Carbone, and stealing the pants off Daniel Roseberry. She knows that no matter what she does, as long as she’s standing next to West, the comparisons between her and Kardashian will not cease, so she might as well have some fun with it. Either way, perhaps we should be happy we longer have to write out “Julia Fox and Kanye West.” Our hands are tired. They will henceforth be known as Juliye.