Kanye has Moved Into The Mercedez-Benz Stadium To Finish Donda, His Room Is A Literal Closet

It's our first Brooklyn loft apartment!

Kanye Donda Stadium Room
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Music Group.

To say that Kanye West is eccentric is to say that water is wet and the sky is blue. It’s a simple fact, confirmed by basic observation, and informs everything that Kanye does — from his full-face masks to his theatrical creative process. West is achingly perfectionistic about his work, so much so that he delays album releases until he feels comfortable with the finished product, haters be damned. That cycle is currently being repeated with Donda, his upcoming 10th album; West has reportedly confined himself to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where he is finishing the record after a sold-out listening party last week. But if you think he’s spending his considerable wealth on extravagant living quarters, think again: West just showed us his rather ascetic digs.

On his verified Instagram account, West posted a photo of what appears to be his cinderblock room at the MBS, which may or may not be a retrofitted closet. He has barely any comforts of modern life: there is a tiny small closet, no dresser, no windows, no furniture save for a twin-size bed and a small floor chair, and no place to cook or store food. West’s living space exists for one purpose, and that is to sleep in between working on Donda. The man is suffering for his art.

Of course, many of us instantly flashed back to similar living situations of our own, including college dorms, first apartments, lofts in Bushwick, and big city housing in general. . Naturally, the internet sprang to life about West’s room, joking that it isn’t that bad, considering that, at least, there’s no vermin.