Kate Middleton Had the Best Day Ever

 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge rides a mountain bike during a visit to the Windermere Adventure Tr...
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Being a royal is not always easy. Yes, you get the palace, the clothes, and the crown, but it also comes with a lot of public scrutiny, a questionable familial history, and an immense lack of privacy. Thanks to the drama that has embroiled the royals over the past few years, it seems like Kate Middleton has had minimal opportunities to enjoy herself out in public. In fact, sometimes it seems like the Duchess of Cambridge only breaks a smile once every calendar year. Luckily, that day is once again upon us.

On Monday, Middleton took a trip to Little Langdale in Cumbria, England where she got a tour of the new Royal Air Force Air Cadets’ Windermere Adventure Training Centre. While there, Middleton was given the opportunity to try out some of the leadership-building activities herself, and she spent the day boating, biking, and rock rappelling, all with a big smile on her face.

Middleton started off the day with some mountain biking, donning a blue helmet and dark green jacket for protection. Middleton’s joy is palpable as she careened down the mountain on a bike. Seriously, this woman cannot wipe that grin off her face. She later switched out her helmet for a white one as she hit the rocks. According to People, that specific activity was extremely meaningful to the Duchess, who used to go boulder hopping in the area while growing up.

Andy Stenning - WPA Pool/Getty Images
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Later in the day, Middleton traded her light puffer for a brown, tweed jacket, proof that things were about to get a bit more serious. The Duchess then took a boat ride on Lake Windermere with two of the Windermere Children, a group of 300 Holocaust survivors who were brought to the area in 1945 following the war. And while the conversation must have turned heavy at points, Middleton still seemed to greatly enjoy herself as she chatted with her boating pals, Arek Hersh, 92, and Ike Alterman, 93. "We laughed, she asked questions and she wanted to know the answers,” Alterman said. “We talked about her kids and my kids, and how we love the lakes.”

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Middleton’s face throughout all of these photos, as she engages in activities and conversations throughout the day, makes one wonder: was this Kate’s best day ever? Someone needs to install a rock wall at Kensington Palace ASAP.