Kim Kardashian and North West Are in Their TikTok Era

Kim North tiktok
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

One would think TikTok might be the one social media platform Kim Kardashian would struggle to break into. It would be understandable, considering the app is mostly warded over by Gen Zers and the occasional young millennial. Kardashian could stay safely in the realm of her Instagram photoshoots and occasional fan tweeting sessions as the world of TikTok moved on without her. But this is Kardashian we’re talking about, and she knows how to make any social platform work to her benefit. So, she tapped the Gen Z in her corner, her daughter North West, and it’s actually going pretty well. Together, Kardashian and West have been extremely prolific on TikTok, dancing together, lipsyncing to popular sounds, and, of course, doing each other’s make up. Recently, the mother-daughter duo got into the holiday spirit when Kardashian let West turn her into “mommy Grinch.” And the results were...festive?

To the sound of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” we see West covering her mother’s face in, first concealer, and then eye shadows of various shades of green and yellow. Kardashian is a good sport about it, and an even better model, letting West turn her face into a swamp of lines and contours. In West’s defense, she clearly knows what she’s doing, creating the Grinch’s frown lines with darker tones and using tape to get the right shape for a cat eye. Some dark green lipstick and a pair of green satin Balenciaga pajamas finished off the transformation and Kardashian showed off her look while lip syncing to the Christmas classic.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has given West freedom over her face in the name of TikTok. Back in July, West hit the eye shadow palette to turn Kardashian into a “mommy minion,” covering her face in yellow shadow and drawing on black glasses with liquid eye liner. This time, it was blue lips and a long jean coat that completed the look.

Honestly, West’s makeup skills are pretty impressive for a nine-year-old. Granted it likely helps that she probably has a lifetime supply of makeup thanks to the never ended PR packages Kardashian gets sent. Plus, West has also probably spent more hours watching her mom in glam than most adults spend in a makeup chair at all. Clearly, it’s all paying off and, who knows, if West keeps it up, in a few short years Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, could be out of a job.