Kim Kardashian Shows You Don’t Always Have to “Get Your Ass Up” to Work

Kim wearing a silver bikini top
Courtesy of Hulu

When Kim Kardashian told women to “get your ass up and f-cking work,” people did not respond well. Maybe it’s because her implication that women who are not as wealthy as her must not work as hard was tone deaf, or maybe it’s because Kardashian led by telling, not showing. Well, on the most recent episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the reality star gave a bit of a free masterclass on how to “get your ass up and f-cking work.” And get this, she did it sitting down.

In the episode, Kim was joined by some of her friends and her sister Khloé for a trip to Miami. While there, the sisters attend a Skims pop-up event, as well as a brand dinner after, and while Khloé is seen enjoying the subtropical Miami nightlife, Kim is clearly in work mode. The editing seems intent on showing the dichotomy between Khloé and Kim in this moment, cutting between shots of Khloé drinking, and Kim going on about her work ethic. “I come up with all the campaigns. I come up with all the materials, the fabrics, the styles. Like I really do everything,” Kim says to those around her as her sister takes a shot. “I definitely am like a workaholic. I think it’s probably a problem.”

But the work is not done once the event is over. The women head back to the hotel room to get ready to hit the club, but again, while Khloé is ready to party, Kim is all work. This time, she’s on the couch, approving photos from the Skims pop-up. “I don’t trust anyone else to tell me when I look good,” she says, so that leaves no one but her to go through and edit all the pictures, which she insists have to go “to print” that night. “If Malika looks bad, I’ll delete it, even if I look amazing. No one else is going to look at ten people in a photo, but I do.”

Now this is the kind of hard work that might finally get women on Kim’s side, and look, she didn’t even have to get her ass up. She’s quite literally sitting down. In fact, the scene ends with Khloé seemingly mocking her sister’s now infamous line. “Get your f-cking ass up,” Khloé yells, but Kim has proven that sometimes, that’s not even necessary.