Kimi Trailer: Zoë Kravitz and Her Blue Hair Offer a Modern Take on Rear Window

A blue-haired Zoë Kravitz peeking around a corner
Courtesy of IMDb

If you simply can’t wait to take in Zoë Kravitz as Batwoman this March, well, Steven Soderbergh has something to tide you over. The actor is front and center in his new film Kimi, which hits HBO Max on February 10. It’s something of a modern update on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film Rear Window, with Grace Kelly’s signature blonde locks and telescope swapped out for blue hair and the titular Alexa/Siri-like AI device. Kravitz’s character, Angela, is an agoraphobic tech worker who’s enjoying the isolation the pandemic has afforded her. Unsurprisingly, her Seattle loft offers a clear view of her neighbors’s apartments, though the trailer that dropped on Tuesday takes a twist after Angela says hi to her neighbor across the way. The crime she ends up witnessing takes place somewhere entirely different than in the original film—and the trouble is, Angela has no idea where.

Angela is in the middle of a typical shift sifting through audio recordings, marking irrelevant clips such as a woman saying she needs paper towels as “resolved,” when the trouble starts. The next voice that comes through her headphones is a scream, and it isn’t long before Angela is convinced she’s listening to a premeditated murder. Her boss, played by Rita Wilson, does her best to downplay the recording. When Angela asks her to call the FBI, she pivots the conversation to Angela’s past struggles with mental health.

If Angela wasn’t having similar psychic issues then, she certainly is now. Her agoraphobia takes a turn for the worse as she’s forced to venture outdoors, and her sneaking suspicion that she’s being monitored only makes things worse. As it turns out, she has good reason to be worried: Whoever else knows about the file ends up stuffing her into a van. Let’s just hope a neighbor or two was there to witness it.