Zoë Kravitz Says The Batman is Actually a Catwoman Origin Film

 Zoë Kravitz attends the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In March 2022, Zoë Kravitz will join a long legacy of leading ladies who have taken on the role of Catwoman. Some were panned for their performance (Halle Berry), others are still remembered 55 years later (Eartha Kitt), and now it’s time to find out where Kravitz will fall on this daunting spectrum. Luckily, the actress is prepared, having done the most relevant homework possible ahead of filming.

“We watched cats and lions and how they fight,” Kravitz revealed to Empire Magazine about her work with The Batman’s stunt coordinator, Rob Alonzo. The duo focused on Catwoman’s skill set—being “fast and tricky”—in order to come up with a preparation plan. “We did some really interesting floor work that incorporated different kinds of martial arts and capoeira and a kind of feline, dance-like movement.”

So, if you’re hoping to see an acrobatic Catwoman a la Michelle Pfeiffer when you tune into The Batman next year, you may be disappointed. “[Rob]’s not just trying to do a bunch of impressive backflips that wouldn’t be possible for that person to do,” Kravitz said. “He takes into account where we are in the story and where the characters are emotionally. So it was really fun to work from that place.”

In addition to the way she moves, there will be more to learn about Catwoman in the upcoming film, specifically the woman behind the mask: Selina Kyle.

“This is an origin story for Selina,” Kravitz said. “So, it’s the beginning of her figuring out who she is, beyond just someone trying to survive. I think there’s a lot of space to grow and I think we are watching her become what I’m sure will be the femme fatale.” Maybe, two decades after the Razzie-winning Catwoman, a standalone Selina Kyle film will finally have a chance to redeem itself.