Kristen Stewart’s SAG Awards Snub Has Fans Spiraling

Kristen Stewart in Spencer
Courtesy of Neon

It’s not even halfway through January and this award season is already shaping up into a messy, shifting affair. There was the now-irrelevant Golden Globes that came and went with some oddly worded tweets and one much-deserved acting award for Mj Rodriguez. Meanwhile, all the ceremonies we actually care about are getting postponed thanks to the current surge in Omicron cases, meaning it’s unclear when we will ever get some much needed closure on 2021’s movies. Luckily, Wednesday morning brought us a small gift in the form of Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, but that ended up being a double-edged sword of its own, when the noms came and went without mention of Kristen Stewart.

Stewart’s performance in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer has generated a lot of Oscar buzz, and considering the SAG Awards are often a predictor for the Academy Awards, Stewart’s lack of a nomination has many people concerned. And what do people do when they’re upset about something? They take to Twitter, of course, which is exactly what KStew fans across the globe did on Wednesday morning in order to let out their frustration.

Many called the snub the worst in SAG history, with one person on Twitter accusing the Guild of being “basic” with their nominations.

Filmaker Larry Blamire, who himself is a member of SAG, agreed with the masses, saying he was “gravely disappointed in the nominations.”

Others wondered why Stewart was ignored by the Guild, suggesting that it could have to do with Stewart’s outspoken queerness.

Of course, the snub has some worried about Stewart’s Oscar chances. Since SAG starting handing out awards in 1995, only three actors have ever won an Oscar acting award after missing out on a SAG nom, according to Variety. Marcia Gay Harden won for Pollock in 2001, Christopher Waltz won in 2012 for Django Unchanged, and most recently, Regina King won in 2018 for If Beale Street Could Talk. It’s this fact that has fans holding out hope that Stewart’s award season isn’t over before it even begins.