Lil Nas X Had a Fun Weekend Trolling His Haters on Twitter

lil nas x at the grammys
Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

After releasing his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and its accompanying music video, Lil Nas X was met with adoration from fans, but an almost predictable ire from conservatives on social media.

Lil Nas X revealed that the song, which was inspired by a man he was romantically involved with last year, was also written as a letter to his 14-year-old self, who once “promised to never come out publicly.” As it turns out, there are plenty of people who were not happy with the music video’s image of the musician sliding down a stripper pole from heaven all the way into hell, where he gives Satan a lap dance.

They were especially incensed after it was revealed that Lil Nas X allegedly collaborated with an art collective called MSCHF to make a pair of Nike Air Max 97 shoes with a drop of real blood, and decorated with a pentagram as well as the number 666 and Bible verse John 3:18 (which, according to a cursory web search, is a quote that says, “Jesus said, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.’”).

Nike denied any involvement with the musician regarding the shoes, but this is the same rapper who achieved superstardom in 2019 from releasing “Old Town Road,” a song that essentially originated as a meme. Lil Nas X knows a thing or two about trolling, and has consistently demonstrated his mastery of the craft on Twitter. He’s well aware of just how silly it might be in the first place for those critics to share their outrage at this particular video, and just how tiring these “culture wars” really are at this point.

Some Twitter users slammed the musician for making music that they say caters to children, but Lil Nas X reminded them that it is not his job to raise other people’s kids or monitor what media they consume.

Instead, he suggested a more family friendly, albeit possibly anti-LBGTQ, option and went so far as to release a YouTube “apology” video for making the original Satan shoes.

And he even gathered South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, Candace Owens, and conservative guns rights media personality Kaitlin Bennett with a few clicks.

In other words, this is not Lil Nas X’s first rodeo with trolling haters on Twitter and every tongue that rises against him is probably going to fall.