Lola Leon Makes Her Musical Debut as Lolahol

Lola Leon doing a split on the beach in Lolahol's 'Lock&Key' music video
Courtesy of YouTube

Lola Leon has officially gone from music video choreographer and dancer to full out music video star. On Wednesday, the 25-year-old daughter of Madonna revealed that she’s embarked on a new project performing under the name Lolahol. While Leon has previously worked as a choregrapher for the Queens-based musician Eartheater, this time Eartheater steps behind the scenes to direct the video for Lolahol’s first single, “Lock&Key.” It all begins with Leon singing “Why can’t I just lock into a Polly Pocket? / It could all be crystal clear,” while spending a sunny day at a cemetery in the outer boroughs with a German Sheperd named Kali. Next, she steps into the night wearing a set of bedazzled nipple pasties. For a ride in a convertible driven by a skeleton, she swaps them out for a hot pink cutout playsuit by the London-based label Poster Girl.

Lyrics-wise, it seems their may be a slight nod to a popular Lady Gaga meme. Leon sings “no sleep, next car, next plane,” a similar phrase to the one that the pop star spouted off in a 2011 interview with Fuse about the difference between making her albums The Fame and Born This Way. “I wrote record after record until, finally, ‘Just Dance' occurred,” she said. “And then it wasn't ‘in peace.’ I had to fight for a year tooth and nail, blood, sweat, and leather. Every night. No sleep! Bus, club, ’nother club, ’nother club, plane, next place. No sleep. No fear.” A video of her stressing the bus and club line on loop has become such a thing on Twitter that it was also recently referenced on an episode of Emily in Paris.

Back in the cemetery, Leon is decked out in Martine Ali jewelry and camped out at the grave of Harry Houdini. She then hops into a portal that transports her to a beach where she’s wearing an even more revealing ensemble. Wherever Leon is going, we’re ready to come along for the ride. Get your first taste of what she’s hinted will be dance music with an “electronic, experimental vibe” in the video below.