Maya Rudolph Is “the Most Famous Cheated-on Woman in the Planet” in the Loot Trailer

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Maya Rudolph in the 'Loot' trailer
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Apple TV’s new trailer for its upcoming series Loot immediately gives you the sense of exactly the type of person Maya Rudolph’s character, Molly Novak, is. When her husband John (played by Severance’s Adam Scott) asks what he thinks of the “new boat”—which is actually a giant yacht—that he got her for her birthday, her reply that it “looks a little small” is only just barely a joke. Her life as a billionaire is perfect—that is, until she finds out that 20 years into their marriage, Josh has started cheating. To make matters worse, his paramour is young enough to have been just a year old when they graduated from college. Molly is devastated, and the employee who calls to invite her into the office of the foundation she didn’t even know she had couldn’t have had better timing. And she’s in for a rude awakening, not just because she appears to have never worked a day in her life. “You’re like the most famous cheated-on woman on the planet,” an employee tells her, insisting that she’s now a celebrity.

Molly may be her boss, but Sofia (Pose’s Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) isn’t about to take her seriously. Still, since she knows what a welcome distraction the foundation would be amid her divorce, so she agrees to show her the ropes. It takes Molly hearing her ex basically ridiculing her attempt to join the workforce in an interview she watches while on the toilet for her to actually make an effort. “I need to prove I have substance,” she announces back at the office. The trailer cuts not to a scene of her doubling down on the job, but instead getting her hair done and updating her wardrobe. Armed with a new Gucci bag, she tells her team just how excited she is for them to save the world together. And she really does seem to mean together: Even Sofia has started to have some respect for Molly. (Though she could do without being appointed her “bestie.”)

Is Molly really up to saving the world? Probably not, but fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out for sure: The first episode, which also stars Fire Island’s Joel Kim Booster, hits Apple TV+ later this month. Ahead of its June 24 release, watch the trailer below.

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