Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B's Grammys "WAP" Performance Was Iconic

cardi b pointing up
Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Shortly after winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, Megan Thee Stallion joined Cardi B on stage at the 2021 Grammys to give the first-ever live performance of their single “WAP.” For a track that is not exactly radio friendly, it is impressive that the rappers were able to give the audience a taste of their combined live performance power with this particular song.

After a bit of parental advisory from the ceremony’s host Trevor Noah (who insisted that parents should just tell any curious small children in the room that the song is about felines), Megan Thee Stallion arrived in some glamorous feathers to perform “Body” and her verse of the “Savage” remix. Beyoncé didn’t appear on stage for the remix (her voiceover could be heard), but Cardi B later appeared onstage in a metal bodysuit to perform “Up,” then joined Megan for “WAP” beside a giant high heel that doubled as a pole, and eventually tussling together on a giant bed.

However, it should be noted that those watching the performance and waiting to see if “WAP” would win a Grammy might be a little bit disappointed. In fact, “WAP” could not win any awards at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, as Cardi B revealed last November that she did not intend to submit the song for consideration. “I’m never pressed for a Grammy,” she said last year to her followers on Instagram Live. “If I was pressed for a Grammy I would’ve submitted ‘WAP’ for this year and I didn’t submit it. I don't want to be submitted to award shows until I put out my album because I think my album is so good. It means something.”