Miranda Kerr Considers Ex Orlando Bloom Her “Annoying Brother”

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
Photo by Alexandra Wyman via Getty Images

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have never shied from discussing each other in interviews since their divorce in 2013. The pair, who share a 10-year-old son, remains close, and frequently heap praise on each other in interviews. In fact, they’re on good enough terms that occasionally, the model and skincare guru can’t help but poke fun at the actor, most recently on an episode of the podcast Moments With Candace Parker.

“He’s, like, to me right now, a brother,” Kerr said. “And most of the time, an annoying brother.” Luckily, there’s a third member of what she’s long described as their “modern family”: Bloom’s fiancé Katy Perry. “I’m so grateful that she’s there because it takes the pressure off me,” Kerr continued.

“When Orlando started dating Katy, I remember he invited me over one time and she was there, and we just immediately got along,” Kerr recalled. “I saw how she was with [Kerr and Bloom’s son]. She was very playful with Flynn. She was not trying to be his mum.” And they’ve all been close ever since. “We go on holidays together,” Kerr continued. “We celebrate all the important milestones together.”

And while Kerr and Bloom see each other frequently to coparent their son, at this point, Kerr is even closer with Perry—in part because the pop star “helps [her] deal with” Bloom. “I love her,” Kerr said. And at this point, five years into their joint relationship, Kerr has made up her mind: “I mean, it’d be safe to say that I love her more than Flynn’s dad.”

It’s hardly the first time Kerr has gotten candid about one of her romantic partners. In 2019, for example, she shared her first impression of her current husband, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel: “I thought, Oh, this guy is cute,” she recalled. “But wow, his skin is flaky!”