Kate Moss Is Producing a Film About Herself and Lucian Freud

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Kate Moss wearing a denim shirt and fishnet tights
Photo by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W Magazine

Is there an actor out there up to the job of playing Kate Moss? The supermodel seems to think so, because on Thursday, Variety reported that she will be executive producing a biopic about her relationship with Lucian Freud, the acclaimed British painter who died in 2011. Titled Moss & Freud, the film is set to be a dramatized account about an experience Moss considers one of the most important of her career: her nude portrait session with Freud when she was pregnant with her daughter Lila in 2002. The nearly life-size work, which marked a rare celebrity subject for Freud, went on to sell for £3.9 million at Christie’s.

“Sitting for Lucian was an honor and incredible experience,” Moss said in a press release, going on to praise Moss & Freud’s director, James Lucas. “After watching [his Oscar-winning short] The Phone Call I knew that James would convey the emotion in the storytelling in a fitting way, one this memoir deserves. Having been involved in the project and script development from the beginning I am now very excited to see the film come to life.”

Lucian Freud’s painting Naked Portrait 2002 on view at Christie’s auction house in London, 2004.

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Apart from fulfilling her life-long goal, Freud also had a huge influence on Moss’s lifestyle. “He taught me discipline, because I could not be late,” she once said in an interview with SHOWStudio’s Nick Knight. “If I was five minutes late, he would kick off. But only once I was five minutes late and he said, ‘Are you on drugs?!’ And I said, ‘No, I’m pregnant!’” Freud ended up watching her belly grow throughout practically her entire pregnancy: The sittings lasted nine months, and at one point, Freud put the tattoo skills he learned in the navy to use and inked two birds onto Moss’s back.

Funnily enough, neither Moss nor Freud cared much for the painting when he finally finished. “He didn’t really like the picture, and I didn’t really,” she continued. “I mean, I had a great time. [But] it’s not, like, my favorite Lucian painting.” From the sound of it, it sounds like it’ll be a minute before we get to see Lucas’s recreation of that “great time”; there’s no word on the casting or release date just yet.

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