Naomi Campbell’s Nine-Month-Old Daughter Just Made Her Modeling Debut

Naomi Campbell Baby
Photographed By Rafael Pavarotti for W Magazine

North West and Khai Malik better watch out, because while they’re doing big things at eight years and 18-months, respectively, Naomi Campbell’s infant daughter may have them beat. The nine-month-old baby just graced the cover of British Vogue, bare butt and all, in what is most likely the first of many modeling opportunities for the baby.

When Campbell announced the birth of her daughter last May, it was quite the surprise to most. While the model was very open about her desire to become a mother, she kept the news a secret until she welcomed the baby into the world. Campbell even admitted to Vogue that she “can count on one hand the number of people who knew,” the baby was coming. And while she was happy to debut at least part of her daughter’s face on a magazine cover, she is still remaining fairly coy about many details. The model will not reveal her baby’s name, nor the circumstances around her birth, though she did confirm the baby wasn’t adopted. “She’s my [biological] child.”

Starring on her own Vogue cover is hardly the only model behavior Baby Campbell is exhibiting. She is apparently a great traveler, an important trait when your mother is a self-described “world citizen.” According to Naomi, the baby “loves to travel” and doesn’t make a fuss during take off or landing. In addition, she already has a wardrobe fit for a top model. “She has a really nice closet thanks to so many designers and friends who have sent her some lovely things,” Naomi said, “But wow, kids grow fast, don’t they?” The baby also has quite the entourage, with aunties coming from the highest realm of modeling. Cindy Crawford was crib side just days after her birth, and Chrissy Turlington came along for a visit just a few weeks after. It’s possible they saw a model within the newborn right away, and they would be right. According to her mother, Baby Campbell was a natural onset while shooting the cover.

“She loves the light,” Naomi said. “She’s inquisitive. She was looking at everyone—she looks at people right in the eye and for a very long time. She was taking it all in.”