Paris Hilton Wants Babies, Not Billions

Paris Hilton Billionaire Documentary
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival.

The Paris Hilton documentary, I Am Paris, became a pandemic must-watch when it debuted on in September 2020 on YouTube. The candid, enlightening movie pulled back the curtains on one of pop culture’s most famous faces, revealing, among other things, that her natural speaking voice is octaves lower than her high-pitched public character. Fans saw Hilton hard at work behind the scenes, as she maintains a whirlwind career as a business mogul and international touring DJ. Most notably, she declared that she wouldn’t wind down her intense work schedule until she earned $1 billion — though now, Hilton is reconsidering that goal.

“It was such a goal of mine before because I wasn’t happy in my personal life,” Hilton, 40, told Variety on a recent episode of their podcast. In I Am Paris, viewers certainly noticed that Hilton’s picture-perfect life wasn’t so simple — she spoke eloquently about experiencing PTSD from attending the Provo Canyon School, an abusive boarding school for so-called “troubled” teens. Later, she fights with her then-boyfriend, Aleks Novakovic, before playing one of the biggest DJ sets of her career.

To counter her trauma responses, Hilton saw obtaining wealth as a way to feel in command of her life. “And also just going through what I went through, I always saw money as freedom and independence, and not being controlled,” she said. “And I think that’s why I just had that as my focus in life.”

Indeed, Hilton’s businesses are a sprawling constellation of ventures. In addition to DJing, her multibillion business empire includes fragrances, party appearances, NFTs, and more. As she told us in April 2021, Hilton considers herself “an innovator, a pioneer,” — and while her ventures have certainly padded her considerable fortune, she’s now focused on starting a family. “...Now that I am so incredibly happy and in love in my personal life I’m not really interested in billions anymore,” Hilton said, referring to fiancé Carter Reum. “I’m more interested in babies.”