Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Marry in the Rapper’s Latest Video

Could this be a hint at real-life nuptials?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky hugging

Back in July of 2021, paparazzi photographs of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky filming a music video sitting on a New York City fire escape lit the Internet ablaze. Today, that music video is finally here—and it not only contains a series of major fashion moments on both Rihanna and Rocky’s parts, but also hints in a not-so-subtle storyline that the two might have gotten married.

The video, whose track is titled “D.M.B.,” ostensibly tells origin tale of Rih and Rocky’s romance—or, at least, a slightly fictionalized version of it. Described as “a ghetto love story,” the narrative depicts the two artists as being something of kingpins in their respective neighborhoods. Rihanna, at the very least, is powerful enough to commission three teenagers to carry her groceries home while she puffs on a blunt while wearing a zebra print bucket hat, crocheted bikini top, and matching zebra print sweater with a blue fur collar.

Courtesy of YouTube.


In the next scene, Rocky and Rihanna are shown on the fire escape heard ‘round the world, having the uptown version of date night: a candlelit dinner filled with white wine, blunts, and Rih wearing a rainbow sherbet-hued massive fur jacket with lime green snakeskin Louboutin sandals. A$AP Rocky, meanwhile, wears a lime green fur hat with flaps and, of course, a pair of Timberlands—a New York City staple.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are seen filming a music video in the Bronx on July 11, 2021 in New York City.

Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images
Courtesy of YouTube

A montage of the couple’s fictional life follows: meeting at the beauty salon, rolling joints, hanging out at home, and—in an echo of reality, following Rocky’s multiple arrests—the rapper is depicted going to jail. When he’s released in the video, Rihanna runs to him and envelops him in a full-body hug, wrapping her legs around him (first in a blue fur jacket and denim mini skirt, then in a taupe form-fitting spaghetti strap dress and gold chain). As their love story grows, their provenance in business does, too: the duo goes out for dinner at a Mafioso-esque restaurant—an event for which Rih chooses a sparkling red dress. She’s then showed heading up a board meeting, wearing a black pantsuit with silver chains.

But the final frames of the music video are the most thrilling, meaty—and sure the provoke tons of rumors about what the couple has been up to in real life. Family and friends have congregated in a fluorescent-lit hallway to celebrate Rocky and Rihanna’s “marriage,” which is nailed down even further by Rocky wearing a golden grill that reads “Marry Me?” and Rihanna’s diamond-studded one, which says “I Do.”

Courtesy of YouTube.


Wearing a red satin gown with a halter neck and a red veil over her face, Rihanna walks down the hallway with Rocky in tow as onlookers throw rose petals. Could this be a hint toward real-life nuptials? Either way, we’re jazzed by the prospect of such a sweet love story—whether real or imagined.