Sarah Jessica Parker Has Yet to Watch All Of And Just Like That...

Sarah Jessica Parkler SJLY
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

And Just Like That... may be behind us, but the sound of “Hey, it’s Che Diaz” still rings loud in our heads. So, when Sarah Jessica Parker sat down with her old friend Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night to discuss the first season of the SATC spin-off, Cohen of course had to ask all the burning questions surrounding the show. Parker explained that Carrie did call 911 after finding Big post-heart attack, despite fans thinking other wise. She also revealed she’s happy with the way show-runner Michael Patrick King kept Samantha alive in the story. It’s unclear, though, how Parker would be able to form an opinion around the latter, as she admitted she hasn’t seen a majority of the season.

“I’m going to make a confession to everybody,” Parker said while sitting across from Cohen. “I have not seen episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 yet.” Parker admitted it’s her “problem,” but because of that, she can’t make certain judgements about the show, like whether she finds Sara Ramirez’s character, Che, humorous. “I feel that I’m not in a position to declare whether Che’s comedy is funny or not,” she said.

Of course, Parker did work with Ramirez a lot in season one. They filmed multiple scenes together for their now-defunct podcast, and Carrie did attend one of Che’s comedy shows. You would think that would be enough exposure to form an opinion on the character’s comedic abilities.

One thing that was not discussed on Monday night was the possibility of a season two for the show. It has been weeks since the finale and there is still no news as to whether or not Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte will return for another round. Both Parker and King are on board, and the show was very successful for HBO Max, so it seems like a no brainer, but they’re still leaving us hanging for now. Though, in the meantime Parker is otherwise engaged for a large chunk of 2022. She’s costarring in a revival of Plaza Suite on Broadway opposite husband Matthew Broderick.