The Spice Girls Reunited For Geri Halliwell’s 50th Birthday

The spice girls have a reunion

David Beckham has truly taken on the role of Spice Girls historian, and he seems to really enjoy the position. Every time his wife engages with her girl group past in any way, David is there to capture it on video, and we thank him for that. Over the weekend, Victoria Beckham reunited with three of her four former group members when they all got together to celebrate Geri Halliwell’s 50th birthday party, and we know this because David posted all about it on Instagram.

Along with Victoria, Melanie Chisolm, and Emma Bunton were in attendance, while Mel B was busy celebrating her recent engagement with her family and had to miss the event, according to the Daily Mail. The other four, though, seemed to stick to each other throughout the evening, at one point hitting the dance floor for a rendition of their song, “Say You'll Be There.” In a video posted on Instagram by David, you can even see Mel C breaking out some of her old choreography, including her signature leg kick. “Special celebrating Ginger this weekend and even more special to capture this moment of the girls,” David captioned the video. “A friendship for life.”

David provided more behind the scenes content from the evening, including a shot with all four of the women along with Dame Shirley Bassey, and a pic of the “Spice Boys,” which featured him along with Bunton’s husband, Jade Jones, and Halliwell’s husband, Christian Horner.


There were also some sweet shots of Victoria and Bunton embracing at the table, with Victoria holding onto Bunton, whose head was resting on Posh’s chest. David used the opportunity of all these photos to show off his grade-A gif use.


Lately, Victoria has been very happy to embrace her Posh past, and every time, David has been there to document the occasion. Back in July, when the pair were on vacation, Victoria took the opportunity of a Karaoke night to perform “Stop.” Despite the fact that Victoria has said multiple times that she has no interest in returning to the group, and she opted out of the reunion tour in 2019, when it comes to a good dance floor Spice sesh, she’s clearly always down.