The Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer: Eleven Faces The Eye of the Storm

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer
Courtesy of IMDb

The core cast of Stranger Things are all legal adults. And while they may look entirely different in season 4 of the hit Netflix series—Millie Bobby Brown’s formerly signature onscreen buzzcut is long gone—one thing has stayed resolutely the same: They’re in for some major trouble. As the trailer for part one, which drops on May 27, reveals, war is brewing in Hawkins, and it’s up to them to save the small fictional town they call home.

“Ever since you left, everything’s been a total disaster,” Max (Sadie Sink) says to her brother’s grave at the start. “For a while, we tried to be happy. Normal. But it’s impossible.” Things look perfectly normal in the halls of Lenora High, but it’s a different story in Russia. Turns out Eleven’s parental guardian, Jim Hopper (David Harbour), made it out of the Mind Flayer’s maw after all, and he’s back to tell the kids they’re about to be in “the eye of the storm.” The trouble is, Eleven, who’s started wearing the same hairstyle as her mom (Winona Ryder), doesn’t have her powers anymore. (On the bright side, she now has an excellently ‘80s-tastic wardrobe.)

So, how are the kids going to pull it off? We’ll have to wait until May 27 to find out, and again when part two drops on July 1. And since production was delayed for two years amid lockdown—some season 4 scenes were filmed back in 2020—there’s plenty more Stranger Things to come. The series has been renewed for a fifth season, and the Duffer Brothers have hinted that a spinoff or two is in store.