Taylor Swift Was on Bridesmaid Duty at Lena Dunham’s Wedding

Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift at the 2015 Grammy Awards
Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images.

After a few days of uncharacteristic silence, Lena Dunham has finally opened up about getting married to the musician Luis Felber over the weekend, less than a year after meeting through mutual friends. Felber confirmed their nuptials in an email to the New York Times shortly after, but details remained scarce until Wednesday, which saw Dunham unveil a whole treasure trove of matrimonial content with a little help from British Vogue. It turns out the pair did indeed have an official ceremony, and that it wasn’t exactly as intimate as previous reports had described. For starters, Dunham tapped the British designer Christopher Kane to design three different wedding dresses: one for the ceremony, one for dinner, and one for dancing. (And all definitely more conventional than his look for her appearance at the 2019 Met Gala which featured latex gloves.) Dunham wasn’t alone in sporting the designer: Kane also fitted and dressed each and every one of her nine bridesmaids, including Tommy Dorfman and one Taylor Swift.

The status of Dunham’s friendship with the latter had remained unclear in recent years. Clearly, things are still going strong: Dunham and Felber deciding to get married just a month prior, meaning attending the ceremony in London was no easy feat. That was especially true for the bridesmaids, who had to make sure Kane had enough time to customize their silver pleated dresses. In the case of Swift, the fitting resulted in a version with rhinestone spaghetti straps and a belt to match. Since Dunham is so far the only one to post about the ceremony, we know as much thanks to a single photo in the below Instagram carousel posted by British Vogue. Swift has never been one to publicize her wedding appearances, made only for the closest of friends, and so far even the sleuth-iest of Swifties have yet to dig up more of her latest.

She may have gone out of her way to protect her guests’ privacy, but it wouldn’t be Lena Dunham if she didn’t open up even just a tad. “You can have a far bigger wedding with less bridesmaids, but I guess it just speaks to how excited I was to have my close friends there,” the bride told British Vogue. (Around 60 people joined her and Felber at the venue, a members-only club in London Dunham described as “if Soho House was designed by Miss Havisham.”) “I spent so much time during the pandemic talking to my girlfriends about our feelings over FaceTime, but a few of my best friends I haven’t seen in over a year.”

“You know, my girlfriends have had to deal with a lot of not-so-happy things with me in our adulthood, so to be able to celebrate something joyful and use it as an excuse to be together was very special,” Dunham continued. She didn’t mention Swift by name, but we have a hunch who made the baking reference the 35-year-old recalled on the topic of the dresses: “One of my bridesmaids put it best when she said she felt like ‘a beautiful cupcake wrapper.’”