See Björk and Anya Taylor-Joy as Vikings in the The Northman Trailer

Björk in the The Northman trailer
Courtesy of YouTube

It isn’t hard to see why Björk would come out of acting retirement to appear in The Northman. The cast of Robert Eggers’s upcoming film, which hits theaters in April of 2022, stars none other than Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman. (Not to mention Alexander Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe, and Ethan Hawke.) As showcased in the trailer that dropped on Monday, it stars the trio as Vikings battling for their lives in the kingdom under the rule of an oppressive regime. Just as you’d expect from the enigmatic singer’s mere presence, things get weird. She pops up wearing a giant wheat headdress that obscure her eyes with dangling puka shells, offering a mysterious command: “Remember for whom you shed your last tear drop.”

Björk’s character, a seer, is presumably addressing Alexander Skarsgård’s Amleth, a Viking hell-bent on getting revenge on his uncle Fjölnir (The Square’s Claes Bang) for murdering his father, the king. Until Fjölnir came around, Amieth was set to be leader of the kingdom; instead, he’s forced to live the life of a prisoner, just like his comrade played by Taylor-Joy. “Why would you stow away to such a hellish place?,” she asks as they walk with their necks chained together. “To find what was stolen from me… the kingdom,” he replies. From the look of it, things aren’t going too well for that kingdom: The next scene shows a village fully engulfed in flames. Taylor-Joy’s character is here to help Amieth save it, using “the cunning to break their [enemies’] minds.”

Taking over the throne isn’t all that Amleth has in mind. “I will avenge you, father! I will save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!,” he repeats three times throughout the trailer. The role of his mother is Kidman’s, marking a Big Little Lies reunion for her and Skarsgård. In fact, reunions among the cast and crew abound: Eggers directed Taylor-Joy’s breakout film, 2015’s film The Witch, and Björk has repeatedly worked with Eggers’s cowriter, the Icelandic poet and novelist Sjón. See what the pair came up with for Björk’s first film in more than two decades in the trailer below.