The Queen's Corgis Are Apparently Settling In With Duchess Fergie

Muick and Sandy have received a wellness check and they're both still living their best dog lives.

The corgis of Queen Elizabeth II, Muick and Sandy seen in the grounds before the Committal Service f...
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The United Kingdom has had to adjust to a lot of changes since the death of Queen Elizabeth II this past September, and that includes her beloved corgis. The famous Muick and Sandy are apparently acclimating well to their new family, having been passed on to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson (still known better to many as simply “Fergie”).

In an interview with the Telegraph, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife said that the dogs have been blending in with the her household’s exisitng collection of five terriers. Though they divorced in 1996, Sarah and Andrew continue to live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor with their now seven dogs.

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“They all balance out. The carpet moves as I move, but I've got used to it now,” said the duchess. She added that caring for the late queen's “national treasures” is a “big honor.”

Duchess Sarah and Prince Andrew actually gave both dogs to Queen Elizabeth, first gifting her with Muick and a puppy named Fergus in 2021. Fergus sadly passed at five months, so they gave her Sandy on what would have been her late husband Philip’s 100th birthday. It makes sense that the dogs would end up back with the gifters.

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At the time of her death, a source told Harper’s Bazaar, “The corgis will return to live at Royal Lodge with the duke and duchess. It was the duchess who found the puppies which were gifted to Her Majesty by the duke.” They added, “The duchess bonded with Her Majesty over dog walking and riding horses, and even after her divorce, she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty by walking the dogs in Frogmore and chatting.”

The dogs said their goodbyes on September 19, during the queen’s state funeral when her casket passed through Windsor Castle. They were watched over by two royal guards.

While visiting with well-wishers after his grandmother’s death, William, Prince of Wales, responded to questions about Muick and Sandy by saying, “I saw them the other day, that got me quite sad. They are going to be looked after fine...They'll be looked after very well. Spoiled rotten, I'm sure.”

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