Tom Holland and Zendaya Have “Love” For Each Other, But Not The Paparazzi

Tom Holland (L) and Zendaya pose at the after party for the premiere of Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man: ...
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rumored couple Tom Holland and Zendaya are once again back in the public eye as they prepare for the Spider-Man press tour for the third installment of Holland’s go at the web-slinging superhero in Spider-Man: No Way Home. For a while now, fans have suspected the pair’s on-screen romance transferred over to real-life, rumors that were bolstered when paparazzi photos of the two kissing went viral back in July. For a while, both stars remained quiet on the matter, but now, they’re finally addressing the situation. Sort of.

In an interview with GQ, Holland reveals he sometimes dreams his room is filled with paparazzi. “They’re all there, and I’m looking for my publicist, like, Where is the person who’s supposed to be protecting me? What’s going on?” Unfortunately, his life sometimes isn’t too far off from this nightmare. Case in point: his constantly scrutinized relationship status.

“One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world,” Holland said, referencing the photos with Zendaya.

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, it is important to note that while Holland didn’t confirm his relationship with Zendaya, he did use the l-word to describe their feelings for each other. It sounds like that’s probably all the info we’re going to get out of Holland though, as he said he’s “always been really adamant” about keeping his private life private. “I share so much of my life with the world anyway,” he said, explaining that he and Zendaya felt “robbed” of their privacy during that intimate moment.

Zendaya also spoke to GQ about the situation, describing it as “strange and weird and confusing and invasive.” The actress did, however, repeat Holland’s word choice, saying “when you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own.” She continued, “I think loving someone is a sacred thing and a special thing and something that you want to deal with and go through and experience and enjoy amongst the two people that love each other.” Again, at the risk of sounding hypocritical, how many times can one say the word love before we get the idea?