Victoria Beckham's Favorite Meal is Not Very Posh

Victoria Beckham attends the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Fashion and Film Party at Annabel's on ...
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Imagine the Beckhams out to dinner at a posh restaurant in London. They’re probably seated around a table at Chiltern Firehouse, ordering all the delicacies—steak, caviar maybe, a tartare of some sort, right? Only the best for the Beckhams. Now, erase that imagery and instead, put a piece of toast on Victoria Beckham’s plate—oh, and don’t forget the salt.

“To most restaurants, I’m probably their worst nightmare,” Beckham told River Café’s Table 4 podcast recently. The self-proclaimed “picky eater” admitted that when it comes to food she’s “very boring” and her go-to meal involves just two simple ingredients. “I like whole grain toast with salt on it.”

“It’s that carb-y thing isn’t it?” she continued. “It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted, and I love salt. What can I say?”

Hmm, it’s unclear if the open-faced salt sandwich is on the menu at La Scene or Le Crocodile—two of the restaurants Beckham told Harper’s Bazaar she likes to frequent—but something tells us she has permission to order off-menu.

The internet, being what it is, is a little perplexed and in some cases grossed out by Beckham’s guilty pleasure (“Posh Spice admits to eating carbs?” wondered one Twitter user), but the foreign media is having even more of a field day with it. Hosts of the Australian morning show Today decided to start off the morning by eating salted toast on-air together. “It's like eating one of those Weet-Bix dry ...I've ran out of saliva,” complained one. Though, another admitted that it’s “actually pretty yummy.”

Don’t worry, though, Beckham has other favorite foods too. She also loves steamed vegetables with balsamic vinegar, quite the wild flavor profile for her, we’re sure.