Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway Take on the Infamous WeWork Power Couple in the First Trailer for WeCrashed

Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto in WeCrashed
Courtesy of Apple TV+

It’s the year of the scammers. At least for the entertainment industry. This year will see many scam-adjacent stories as they make their way to the small screen. Netflix’s Inventing Anna, which tells the story of a New York City grifter that conned a hotel out of thousands of dollars, hits the streaming service next month. Then, on March 3rd, Hulu will release their Amanda Seyfried-helmed Elizabeth Holmes series, The Dropout. The trifecta of scam will be rounded out just a few weeks later when, on March 18th, Apple TV+ premieres their own retelling of a juicy story, WeCrashed, based on the podcast of the same name, which tells the story of Adam Neumann, his wife Rebekah, and the ill-fated WeWork.

In the first trailer for the upcoming series, we see stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway as the Neumanns. Leto, taking on the role of the company’s co-founder, Adam, sells his idea for WeWork with his wife by his side. Anyone who watched Hulu’s documentary on the historic rise and fall of the company, WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn, will be familiar with the story being teased in the trailer. “WeWork’s role is to elevate the world’s consciousness,” Rebekah tells a crowd of loyal employees, while her husband describes the company as “a movement.” There are shots of parties, retreats, and a couple in love, but as the music’s tempo quickens, the sense that it cannot all last becomes obvious. The trailer ends with a menacing scene between Adam and his fellow co-founder, Miguel McKelve, played by Kyle Marvin.

"You know you're not God, right?" Mckelve asks. “You have to admit, I do look a little bit like him,” Adam responds.

Based on true events, WeCrashed will follow the story of WeWork, and how it grew to a company worth $47 billion in less than ten years, only to face extreme controversy, a plummeting worth, and the exit of Adam as CEO less than a year later. But if you think you already know all about WeWork from listening to the podcast or watching the documentary, the co-showrunner, Lee Eisenberg, promises there is also something new.

"What separates [WeCrashed] from other things we've seen in this genre is that we watch the story through the prism of this couple," he told Entertainment Weekly. "We see this cult of personality within the business story, and then come home with them at night."

WeCrashed also stars America Ferrera and The Handmaid’s Tale star O-T Fagbenle. The first three episodes will premiere on Apple TV+ on March 18, followed by a new episode each Friday until April 22.