Why was Ed Westwick at the Richard Phillips opening?

When we spotted Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick at the Richard Phillips opening this weekend, we were initially surprised. Sure, we're used to seeing the actor at his usual urban playboy haunts—The Box, Beatrice Inn, even,...


Turns out the connection runs deep. As true Gossip Girl enthusiasts may already know, two of Phillips’s paintings are fixtures on the show’s hallowed set: Scout (1999), hangs above Chuck’s bed, while Spectrum (1998) adorns the painstakingly curated Van Der Woodsen abode. The artist himself even appeared in a cameo. (Yvonne Force and Doreen Remen’s Art Production Fund brokered the deal.)

From left: Spectrum (1998), and Scout (1999).

Now we’ve learned that Phillips and Westwick have actually developed something of an artistic bond. The 21-year-old actor and the 46-year-old painter, along with Westwick’s artist pal Todd DiCiurcio, have begun work on a secret multimedia collaboration, with Westwick and DiCiurcio supplying sounds and Phillips stepping in for creative direction. According to DiCiurcio’s wife, Megan (who works on the PR side for Dolce & Gabbana and hesitated to tell us much more) the title of their work will be Places To See.

This project strikes us as having potential for something a bit more intriguing than Westwick’s Brit-rock ensemble, The Filthy Youth. Stay tuned.

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Photos: Phillips opening: Ryan James MacFarland. Gossip Girl stills: The CW Network/cwtv.com