Araks Explores The Joy of Living In Color

Undergarments you simply can’t miss.

by Colleen Nika

Araks is celebrated for its elegant, thoughtfully designed lingerie and swimwear, but it’s also a brand that’s all about color. Calling it a “boost for the soul,” every season comes with its own one-of-a-kind color story designed by creative director Araks Yeramyan. “Color brings me joy in a way that I can only explain by doing — pairing unexpected combinations or creating the just-right shade,” she says of her process. Araks’ spring 2024 lingerie collection explores the vivid colors of the earth and sky and draws inspiration from the captivating landscape paintings of artist Etel Adnan.

Whereas many designers would keep lingerie reliably discreet in unobtrusive neutrals, Yeramyan boldly differs in her approach. (She’s even joked that, within her own wardrobe, it’s everything above the undergarments that’s neutral.) With an innate understanding of the profound influence of color on mood, she recognizes the transformative power of infusing intimates with personally meaningful hues, deeming it a "luxurious secret."

Araks’ latest collection offers up “small moments of brightness,” evoking a sense of optimism and vitality for spring. With a punchy palette reflecting the interplay of light and color in nature, each hue offers a refreshing antidote to the ever-changing landscape of modern life. Vibrant colorways are based on opposites, yet they create a complimentary whole: Fiery bright orange-reds meet pale minty blues, serene greens, and tranquil sea and sky hues.

Spring’s graceful approach brings with it a craving for freshness and renewal. What better way to embody that spirit than by living it from head to toe, paying special attention to the intimate garments that will most closely embrace your skin?