Bella Hadid Just Gave Socks And Sandals Her Seal Of Approval

Bella Hadid is seen on June 7, 2022 in New York City.
Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Over the years, so many fashion “rules” have become completely obsolete, going the way of the dinosaurs to make room for a more no-holds-barred approach to fashion where individual expression trumps all else. Rihanna can wear crop tops deep into the third trimester of her pregnancy, black and blue can come together in one look, and don’t even ask if you can wear white after Labor Day. What matters more these days, it seems, is that one embraces their own personal style, whatever that means. So if it behooves you, mix prints, wear those horizontal stripes, and yes, even slip on a pair of sandals over those socks.

Wearing socks with sandals has always been taboo in a way that just feels ridiculous, but lately, the convenience of the look has stumped its former faux pas nature. There are times when you’re walking around the house in socks and you suddenly realize you need to take out the trash. Who wants to tie up a pair of sneakers for such a quick task? Just shove on a pair of Birkenstocks and be done with it. Celebs like Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner would seemingly agree, as they have both been spotted in athlesuire, socks and sandals on their feet. But the look can be elevated past convenience, from socks with slip-ons to socks with heels, open-toed to be exact. Just take Bella Hadid’s latest look, where she pulled off the pairing with ease.

On Tuesday, the model headed out in New York City to celebrate the release of the new Rizzoli book The Fendi Set: From Bloomsbury to Borghese. At the Fendi store on Madison Avenue, Hadid joined Kim Jones, Precious Lee, Tommy Dorfman, and more for a DJ set and book signing by Jones and photographer Nikolai von Bismarck. Of course, the model dressed in Fendi for the occasion, wearing a matching tank and knee-length skirt in a geometric pattern. Hadid then layered a white blouse with voluminous sleeves underneath the top, with an exposed thong under the skirt. She finished off the ensemble with a fabric Peekaboo bag, a cluster of pearls around her neck, a strand on her ankle, and yup, socks and heels. The model paired some calf-high white socks with platform buckled heels, proving socks and sandals don’t always have to look incredible dad-ish, sometimes they can be unequivocally chic.

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Hadid is the perfect example of choosing personal style over fashion rules. She’s constantly pushing the boundaries with her Depop-sourced looks and because of that, has situated herself as one of the biggest street style stars of late. Let her style confidence be a lesson to us all, if you like the way your socks look with sandals, don’t let any theoretical rule stop you.