Bella Hadid Wore A Second Vintage Versace Dress At Cannes

Bella Hadid wearing a vintage Versace dress
Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Bella Hadid may have arrived fashionably late to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, but she surely is making up for lost time. Yesterday, the model made quite the splash at the premiere of Louis Garrel’s The Innocent (L’Innocent) when she arrived on the red carpet in a Versace gown designed by Gianni in 1987 for the Austrian soprano and mezzo-soprano Helga Dernesch. It was yet another knockout Cannes moment for the model, who has proven herself to be a Festival mainstay over the past few years. But Hadid wasn’t going to leave the South of France without serving at least one more look, and for her second red carpet of the day, it was Donatella’s turn.

Following the premiere, Hadid did a quick change ahead of the Cannes 75th Anniversary dinner. It was then that she slipped into a sultry gown from Versace’s fall 2001 ready-to-wear collection, with a dramatically low neckline that reached down to her waist, long sleeves, and cutouts at the top of her hips. Underneath the peaks of skin was a light brown leather section that wrapped around Hadid, cupping her body perfectly in the back.

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Lionel Hahn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was a gorgeous ensemble, albeit not one without a bit of controversy. Like her earlier look from the day, Hadid tapped Law Roach to procure and style the Versace dress. Once the images of Hadid appeared on the Internet, however, some were concerned that Roach and Hadid weren’t providing credit to all those who helped the look come together. Fashion creator and digital archivist, Kim Russell (@thekimbino on social media), originally posted about the dress on Instagram last month, sharing model Rhea Durham in it at the 2001 CFDA Awards. Hadid liked the post, and commented, “Yes agreed. Let’s. Find. Her.” According to Russell, she also DM’d with Hadid about the dress, so when Hadid actually wore it without crediting Russell, chaos ensued and many of Russell’s fans (and Russell herself) started commenting on the situation online. Roach and Russell publicly shared a few words online, before Russell took to her Instagram to rectify things. She admitted she “stupidly came to Instagram instead of going to [Hadid or Roach] directly.” Apparently, the trio talked behind the scenes and Russel learned Roach and Hadid were “presented with a bunch of dresses,” the Versace fall 2001 being one of them. “Nobody set out to intentionally hurt or snub me,” Russell wrote. “Huge apologies to both.” Now that the drama has been resolved, we can go back to enjoying this gorgeous dress.

Courtesy of Versace