Bella Hadid Embodies Jackie O In A 63-Year-Old Yves Saint Laurent For Dior Dress

Bella Hadid attends the 2022 Prince's Trust Gala in an Yves Saint Laurent for Dior dress
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The term vintage has become so diluted lately that it has almost lost all meaning. Is a Versace dress from 2015 vintage? Probably not. What about a Cavalli look from 2010? Louis Vuitton from 2000? At what point does something become vintage? It depends who you ask. Some will say after 20 years a piece will become vintage, others bump that number up to 40. But for the purposes of today, the distinction doesn’t really matter, because whatever your metrics for vintage may be, we can guarantee Bella Hadid’s latest look falls into it.

On Thursday night, the model attended The Prince’s Trust Global Gala in New York City, an event celebrating the charity that supports young people globally. To dress her for the occasion, Hadid tapped star stylist, Law Roach, and together they put together a look fit for a first lady—a black Dior gown, designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1959 (Saint Laurent’s time at Dior before founding his namesake brand was brief, but clearly memorable). Hadid and Law sourced the piece from Aralda Vintage, a go-to for the vintage-loving Hadid. As Law pointed out, the look is giving Bella Kennedy Onassis. Instead of attempting to modernize the piece, the duo played into its age, opting for some classic, old Hollywood hair, see-through gloves, Louboutin pumps, and simple Chopard jewels. You could tell us these photos of Hadid were taken in 1959 and we would believe you.

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And while Bella could not have gone more old-school for the event, her date, sister Gigi Hadid, took the exact opposite route. She opted for a more modern approach, grabbing a look right off the runway from the now-ubiquitous Valentino fall 2022 collection. Gigi wore an off-the-shoulder embellished mini dress with a bubble hem and oversized sleeves. She styled the look as it was originally seen on the runway, with opaque pink tights and pointed-toe platforms in the same bright hue. Together, the sister duo contrasted each other brilliantly, very much embodying the constant debate one has with themselves when getting dressed—make a statement with color, or go classic in black? Last night, the Hadid sisters proved you can’t go wrong either way.

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