Beyoncé Revives the Naked Dress With a Single Instagram

Beyoncé wearing a sparkly naked dress and mini cat eye sunglasses
Courtesy of @beyonce

While much of the rest of the world was still fast asleep, Beyoncé started off her Wednesday morning bright and early in a way only Beyoncé could: by posting one of her signature Instagram outfit photo shoots starring the best case possible for reviving the so-called naked dress. “Bey, you always disrupting my sleep with these late night post…,” read one popular comment. “Let me go find my bottle of melatonin.”

All it took was a single Instagram for this particular style of sheer, bedazzled gowns to enjoy its biggest moment since 2015, when naked dresses were a red carpet staple thanks in no small part to Bey herself. (Seven years later, we have yet to forget when she turned up to the Met Gala in a barely-there bejeweled number by Givenchy.) This time around, Beyoncé got even more daring for what appears to have been her Oscars after-party with Jay-Z. The 40-year-old musician concluded her carousel with a snapshot of the Celia Kritharioti couture dress from behind that featured no trace of underwear.

Courtesy of @beyonce

Per usual, Bey topped off the look with a teeny pair of teeny cat eye sunglasses. Of course, as one of the most prominent brand ambassadors in Tiffany & Co. history, she also threw in a bit of legacy jewels. The platinum Reimagined World’s Fair Necklace in question features more than 100 carats of diamonds, thanks in part to the oval Empire Diamond (which can also be worn as a ring) at its center. Inspired by a design first showcased at the 1939 World’s Fair, the present-day interpretation takes more than two years to craft by hand. It was both appropriately opulent for a night at Bey and Jay-Z’s ultra-exclusive, camera-free Oscars after-party and characteristically casual for what amounts to the public as a single post on her grid.