Brad Pitt Adds a Creamsicle Suit to His Summer Wardrobe

Brad Pitt wearing a bright blazer and sunglasses
Photo by Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images

What does one wear amid a heat wave, especially in the city? The question is growing increasingly familiar, though it doesn’t seem to be much of a conundrum for Brad Pitt. The 58-year-old actor and producer didn’t even roll up his sleeves at the Paris premiere of Bullet Train on Saturday, just days after temperatures soared so high that the French were forced to cancel many of their annual Bastille Day fireworks displays. He wore creamsicle pants and a matching blazer atop a blush-red tee, accessorizing with red and orange sunglasses and a gold chain. (To be fair, the suit did appear to be rather lightweight.)

Pitt tends to fly under the radar, to the point that he could be mistaken for a normie tourist on summer outings past. But he’s entering the next stage of his career—which, despite his numerous producing gigs and upcoming film with George Clooney, he considers to be on its “last leg”—and with that just might come a wardrobe change.

Brad Pitt attends the Bullet Train photo call at Bateau L'Excellence, Port Debilly in Paris, France on July 16, 2022.

Photo by Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

In any case, Pitt has definitely been thinking more about fashion as of late. He recently started co-running God’s True Cashmere, a luxury line of $2,000 knit sweaters and flannel shirts. Good thing he left those at home on this particular day.