Dua Lipa Gives the Burberry Check Some Much Needed Love

Dua wearing a full red Burberry check outfit

It hasn’t been the best week for Burberry. To be fair, it’s no fault of their own. They didn’t ask to be the butt of one of the best jokes in Succession history (and Succession has some incredible jokes, so that’s saying a lot). But when Matthew Macfadyen’s Tom Wambsgans tore apart one poor woman’s “ludicrously capacious” bag on the season premeire last week, it was a Burberry tote on her arm, in all of its checked glory. What Burberry really needs now is a champion to help with some check image rehabilitation, and luckily for them, Dua Lipa is up for the job.

On Thursday the pop star shared a carousel of photos from her past week, which she spent in Ibiza and home in London. The photos show Lipa exploring a record store, enjoying a concert, and indulging in some food. The most notable images, though, are those that show off one of her recent looks. In the first photo, the singer is kneeling on the floor to take a mirror selfie of her outfit, which just so happens to be comprised completely of various Burberry pieces. Most of them are from Daniel Lee’s debut collection with the brand, which walked the runway in London just last month.

Lipa’s outfit features four different color variations of the brand’s classic check. The first is a raspberry and red in the form of a ribbed turtleneck. Next, a maroon and red skirt wraps around Lipa, with a rosette decorating the waist. Underneath, red and blue tights add a third color story to the look. Per usual, Lipa styled the outfit just as it was seen on the runway, with blue, buckled sandals tipped with fur, and a brown boho bag with an industrial buckle and fur tail keychain hanging off. Not exactly “ludicrously capacious,” but she could probably fit some flat shoes for the subway in there. Straying from the runway styling slightly, Lipa added fur ear muffs to her outfit, along with a black Burberry car coat with a classic check lining that added the fourth variation to the overall ensemble.

After getting completely roasted in the Succession season four premiere, this is exactly the kind of publicity Burberry needs at the moment—one of the most stylish pop stars in the world dressing head to toe in their brand. That being said, Burberry apparently isn’t suffering too much following the digs. According to Harper’s Bazaar, one report found that Google searches for “Burberry tote bag” increased more than 310 percent after the episode on Sunday, while searches for “Burberry handbag” and “Burberry tote” are up 180 percent and 25 percent, respectively. Apparently, many viewers were unbothered by the jokes, and more so just intrigued by the bag itself. So, between that, and now Lipa’s endorsement, don’t be surprised if you start seeing the Burberry check everywhere.

Karwai Tang/WireImage