Dua Lipa Puts a Whole Lot of Faith in a Few Skinny Straps

Dua Lipa wearing a blouse with a laced up front

It’s official, the new hot neckline of the season neckline at all. Lately, celebs have been embracing tops and dresses that dip so far down their torso, past the point of low-cut, that they beg the question—why even wear a top at all at that point? But, of course, it’s all just part of the boundary-pushing fashion game, of which Dua Lipa is acutely familiar with, so it makes sense that she is the latest to adopt the anti-neckline trend.

On Thursday, the singer shared a photo from her tour stop in Melbourne, showing off her latest daring look. Lipa wore a set from London-based KNWLS’ spring 2023 collection, featuring sheer, bootcut pants in an ethereal mauve floral pattern with a matching top, which is where things got interesting. The top is long-sleeved, but completely split down the middle, held together by criss-crossing straps all the way up, and therefore, begging for a wardrobe malfunction at any moment. Lipa seemed unconcerned, however, and accessorized the look with a gold chain choker, gold hoops, and a chunky chain bracelet. She pulled her hair back into a half-up half-down ‘do and finished things off with a swipe of green shadow across her eyes.

Lipa is hardly the only one embracing this risky neckline these days. Kate Moss wore a dress just as sheer and daring for a night out in London on Wednesday. At the LACMA Art + Film gala over the weekend, Addison Rae also opted for a dress with a neckline that dipped so low, it’s unclear if we can still call it a neckline at all, while Kendall Jenner’s look for the same event featured a completely sheer top with two patches of satin fabric working overtime to keep her covered. In fact, compared to those looks, Lipa’s is fairly tame, which is something we never thought we’d say about one of the singer’s ensembles.

Stuart Wilson/BFC/Getty Images