Hailey Bieber’s Return-to-Office Fashion Tip: Don’t Wear Pants

Hailey Bieber in no pants.

Hailey Bieber has a modest proposal for return-to-office dressing: no pants. As August slips away and Labor Day approaches, a new batch of America’s white-collar workers are nearing a return to an actual office after a year and a half of Zoom meetings in half-finished outfits. We’ve all tried to look somewhat presentable from the chest up while wearing God knows what below, feeling secure with the knowledge that it’s safely out of view from the camera. Bieber seems to think we should just keep that energy going outside of the home.

On Thursday, Bieber uploaded photos of herself on her Instagram story for her own office visit (what she was actually doing in an office wasn’t shared, and seems immaterial). Her outfit was built around an oversized blazer from Instagram-popular Polish brand Magda Butrym. She paired it with Marni penny loafers, Saint Laurent sunglasses, and a By Far bag. A simple white tee was layered underneath, while white athletic socks completed the look. What you’ll notice, however, is that there’s simply no sign of pants, or for that matter, any indication of what she was actually wearing on her bottom half.

While Bieber first uploaded a photo of herself in the outfit in her closet, she then uploaded another helpfully pointing out she wore it to an office by tagging it “in office.”

Who among us hasn’t spent time wondering just what the new normal will be for office dressing? Will we return to our cubicles with a new sense of casual freedom or will there be an unexpected trend where, somehow, we’re all primed to actually dress more formally than before the “work from home” age—a reactionary backlash against months of typing away in sweatpants? Bieber, it seems, would propose we just cut it down the middle: business up top, work from home freedom down below.