Jacob Elordi, Calvin Klein Campaign Star, Always Keeps a Yo-Yo in His Bag

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Photo by Mario Sorrenti via Calvin Klein

In 1993, the photographer Mario Sorrenti made fashion history with an iconic Calvin Klein campaign starring an entirely nude up-and-comer, his then girlfriend Kate Moss. Twenty-seven years later, the brand’s relationship with the photographer is still going strong. The pairing’s latest images, which dropped on Wednesday morning, definitely aren’t the type you’d casually scroll past. That’s thanks to one star in particular: a notably buff Jacob Elordi.

It’s only recently that the 23-year-old Euphoria star got into fashion, starting with his first Calvin Klein campaign in 2019. It if weren’t for the pandemic, Elordi would no doubt by now be a front row fixture; he was most recently a standout at Burberry fall 2020 in a sequined mesh undershirt.

Even before that, though, Elordi caused a stir in fashion circles. He’s the first—and so far only—prominent male-identifying celebrity to embrace Fendi’s revamped menswear version of its iconic Baguette bag. But the hoopla surrounding any so-called “man purse” isn’t among Elordi’s concerns; he approaches fashion just as casually as undressing for Sorrenti. The actor shares his thoughts in his Style Notes, here.

Tell me about your relationship with Calvin Klein, going back to when it first started.

I've always enjoyed working with them. They’re art-oriented and are always collaborative on what we put out. The first campaign I did because I thought my mum would find it cool.

What was it like to work with Mario Sorrenti?

Unreal. His work is brilliant. I’m always grateful sharing a space with an artist like that, it gets me going creatively.

What are you wearing today, and why did you decide to wear it?

A hoodie and jeans, it’s very comfortable.

Photo by Mario Sorrenti via Calvin Klein

How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Jeans, hoodie, cap.

What was your style like as a teenager?

I was pretty influenced by chav culture in high school, so a lot of black tracksuits and runners.

What was the last thing you purchased?

A flannel.

What is the most prized possession in your closet?

Dad’s leather jacket.

Has Euphoria had any influence on your style?

It taught me to wear anything but what Nate wears.

What do you always keep in your bag?

A yo-yo, harmonica, and novella.

Photo by Mario Sorrenti via Calvin Klein

What do you think about the phrase “man purse”?

It’s just a bag?

Which friend or fellow actor’s style do you most admire?

Alex Fitzalan.

What’s your favorite fashion moment from pop culture?

Nicolas Cage in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

If it makes you smile, wear it.

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