Jacob Elordi Is an Outfit Repeater

Jacob Elordi
Stoianov-bambam / BACKGRID

If you found yourself joining the rest of the Internet last week and obsessing over those photos of Jacob Elordi indulging in a matcha latte, sporting one of the season’s hottest bags and a freshly shaven mustache, then we have a treat for you. The young Burt Reynolds type is back out on the town, and he’s wearing almost the same exact outfit. Hey, I guess you don’t mess with perfection.

On Thursday, Elordi stepped out in Los Feliz to run a few errands. The occasion called for a fairly casual look, so the actor threw on what is clearly his favorite sweatshirt, a muted army green crew neck. Yes, the photo below is new, and not the same exact picture that was all over Twitter last week. It’s like a game of spot the difference, and it might take you a second to notice, but the actor did make a few changes to his look. For one, Elordi swapped out short, charcoal gray Nike shorts, for slightly less short, also charcoal gray non-Nike shorts. He also seemingly wore a black tee underneath his sweatshirt instead of a dark gray one. One of the biggest differences, though, is the head gear, with Elordi opting to wear a white backwards baseball hat for his latest outing, as opposed to the white Celine beanie from last week. He also upgraded his shoe wear, swapping out cream slides for a pair of green suede Adidas x Gucci gazelle sneakers. Of course, his current favorite bag, the Bottega Veneta Andiamo, was still in tow.

Head To Toe Celebs / BACKGRID

Seriously, just call this man Cate Blanchett, because he is not afraid to rewear a look, no matter how much attention it got the first time around. But can we really blame him for throwing on the sweatshirt that was likely laying on a chair in his room to go run an errand? We’ve all done it, we just don’t get photographed in the act.

So yes, Elordi may, in fact be an outfit repeater, but things have changed since the days of Lizzie McGuire, and now, rewearing clothes is preferred. As long as Elordi keeps providing us with these mustachioed pap walks, I don’t think anyone will mind.