Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian Agree: Belts as Clothing Are In

Kim K and Julia Fox wering belts as clothing
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It’s been a big past year for The Belt. What was once just a utilitarian accessory has become a full look, with everyone from Miu Miu to Diesel reimagining it. Now, Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian have put forth their takes on belts and buckles as clothing.

While in Milan for fashion week both cultural lightning rods stepped out in belted and buckled looks. Julia Fox wore not one but three. She paired her freshly brightened crimson hair with a mini dress consisting of vertical belts looped together as a hem for the Hodakova show.

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She also wore a micro skirt stitched from a handful of belts and offset by nearly hip-high boots.

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And she wore this Diesel look, combining the brand’s belt skirt with three belts as a top. How she was able to sit in it is TBD.

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Meanwhile Kim Kardashian wore a buckle-laden skirt and matching cropped jacket while visiting the Dolce & Gabbana store in Milan.

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Even the midriff belt à la Carrie Bradshaw had a moment this past year when Louis Vuitton sent models down the runway in them for its 2023 Cruise show.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even be getting an updated take on the belt in the upcoming season of And Just Like That....