Julia Garner Channeled Louise Brooks for Gucci’s Spring 2023 Show

The Ozark star discusses her third Emmy win and how she crafts her own characters through fashion.

Julia Garner in Gucci at the Gucci Spring 2023 show
Courtesy of Gucci

There are certain fashion collections that just make so much sense with certain stars. For Julia Garner, it’s perhaps Alessandro Michele’s poetic Cosmogonie collection for Gucci. Earlier this month, the Ozark star won her third Emmy for Best Supporting Actess while wearing an embellished velvet gown from the resort 2023 collection. Less than two weeks later, she’d touch down in Milan to attend Michele’s stellar spring 2023 show in another velvet look—this time a dramatic wide-legged jumpsuit. There were edgy, skin-baring elements to both ensembles, with Garner’s Emmys gown featuring a diamond-shaped cutout that revealed her midriff. Meanwhile, her front-row outfit boasted wide shoulder straps that left just enough to the imagination.

On-screen and off, Garner is a fashion chameleon and often likes to disappear into a character when approaching her style for special events. For this occasion, the velvet jumpsuit afforded the 28-year-old the opportunity to reference 1920s Hollywood, a time and place she often returns to in her dressing. Working with her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, Garner accessorized the look with a multi-strand choker necklace of glass pearls, as it was seen on the runway. Gelled-down hair and strong brows were the finishing touches to turn the actress into what she has dubbed “an old Hollywood tomboy.”

Here, Garner chats with W more about the inspiration behind the ensemble, her recent Emmys win, and how she curates her Instagram mood boards.

Courtesy of Gucci

What was the inspiration behind your look for the Gucci spring 2023 show?

My brilliant stylist and friend, Elizabeth Saltzman and I had so much fun with this look. We love having a story behind every look. When I first tried on the suit, it felt very feminine and masculine at the same time, almost something you would see in a Helmut Newton photograph. For hair and makeup we were going for a silent film era, Louise Brooks vibe mixed with ’90s Linda Evangelista. I had my other friend and hair guru, Bobby Eliot, do my hair and the wonderful Emily Cheung do makeup.

Do you ever approach your outfits as a sort of character creation like you do in your acting? What character were you embodying for the Gucci show?

I always approach my looks for fashion events as some kind of a character. The character for the look yesterday was kind of like an old Hollywood tomboy.

Courtesy of Gucci

What is your earliest memory of Gucci?

My earliest memory of Gucci is probably when I was a little girl, flipping through Vogue and seeing the Gucci ads. They were so striking. It was the Tom Ford era. I remember how provocative and dangerous it all felt. Like that feeling when you don’t want your parents to walk in the room.

Congrats on your third Emmy win! What went through your mind when they called your name this time around?

It was a surreal moment. I remember bits and pieces. I blacked out honestly. When something like that happens, it’s just so overwhelming. A true out-of-body experience. I was just so grateful to be there.

Courtesy of Gucci

You also wore Gucci to the Emmys, what was the inspiration for that look?

We wanted beautiful and elegant but also super edgy. Gucci does that best.

Garner in Gucci at the Emmys. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Gucci Cosmogonie Resort 2023. Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images
Garner with her husband Mark Foster at the Gucci spring 2023 show. Victor Boyko/Getty Images
Gucci Cosmogonie Resort 2023. Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Your monthly "this month's saved" mood boards on your Instagram are filled with some rare fashion and cinematic finds. What are some of your favorite IG accounts to follow for inspiration?

Any cinema page. Like the Criterion Collection Instagram. I love Criterion. Or just old Hollywood pages. Or art pages. I also love this other insta page called @slow_roads, they have really beautiful images. My algorithm is mainly that and cooking or puppies.

Garner with her husband, Mark Foster in Milan.

Courtesy of Gucci

The Gucci spring collection was titled ‘Twinsburg’ and was an examination of how "reality is both a reflection of self, but also a reflection of the other." How do you think Alessandro's message plays out in your own life?

As an actor, I’m essentially reflecting a version of life to an audience. The writer reflects the story onto the script. The director interprets that and reflects their vision into the world. The screen reflects the story but then the audience interprets it through their own internal prism. I think Alessandro’s take on duality and how he conveyed it with identical twins was a beautiful message.

Garner with Alessandro Michele at the show.

Courtesy of Gucci