Kate Moss Proves You Can Still Pull Off a Skinnier Jean

Kate Moss in London, England on October 17, 2023.

Blue jeans have lived a countless number of lives. Despite the varying degrees of denim we’ve witnessed over the years—everything from ultra high-waisted to uncomfortably tight—perhaps no one has done more for the popularity of piece than Kate Moss. Her early aughts style defined the rise of skinny, second-skin jeans and she later revamped the look with her embrace of the bootcut shape in the 2010s. On Tuesday, though, the model seemed to be in the mood for a return to the skinny jeans—but instead of transporting us all the way back, her choice was truly the best of both worlds.

Moss stepped out in London, where temperatures continue to drop, in the quintessential fall ensemble. While she had some pretty interesting layering going on (which we’ll get to later) it was her cuffed jeans that really were the focus of things.

The 49-year-old sported a baggy-meets-fitted, dark wash pair that she cuffed to reveal her ankles. Though they were certainly slim in shape, thankfully, this pair weren’t as skin-hugging as some of the ones that really took off in the early 2000s. Safe to say these were more “cigarette” style than slim-stretch.


From there, the rest of Moss’ look was decidedly more on trend, but still in keeping with what we would expect from a fall, model off-duty look. In a move that would satisfy fashion girls like Hailey Bieber, she wore simple leather ballet flats—which, despite seeing a resurgence, are another early to mid-aughts staple that the model had a hand in popularizing.

Up top, she sported a simple gray sweater, with knit sleeves long enough to poke through her beige overcoat. The outerwear piece itself was fairly simple with buttons on either side, sizable pockets, and a belt detail in the back. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Moss look without some accessories—she added in sleek black sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and a roomy leather bag that she repurposed into a clutch.

Although Gen Z TikTok users have suggested taking scissors to your skinny jeans (if you still even have a pair in your closet) or burning them entirely, Moss’ latest look is a rather chic solution to keeping things skinny—but not too skinny.