Katy Perry Has a Meeting in the Ladies’ Room in a McQueen Dress

Katy Perry on a toilet in a black leather dress.
Image via @KatyPerry

Famous or not, we are all beholden to the, uh, complexities of human biology. Katy Perry didn’t let a little thing like the call of nature stop her from serving looks — she wore a leather dress in the bathroom of the American Idols studios, balancing precariously on the edge of a toilet seat in a pair of heels, because why not.

“You know I ♥ a fashun bathroom mome,” Perry wrote on Instagram, posing alluringly on the bathroom stall doors. She also opted for a potty pun, being a woman after our own heart: “Turned the #AmericanIdol bathroom into a my own runway 💅🏻Dont [sic] be a pooper, and tune in to the 2nd part of solos + celeb duets tonight.” American Idol is currently in its 19th season, and Perry has lorded over the excision of such contestants as Claudia Conway.

As for the dress itself, it’s a stunning pencil-shaped dress from Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2021 collection. The matte leather features contrast white stitching and a wide attached leather belt, offering 50s Betty Page seductiveness meets Y2K-era stitching over everything, including four pockets and a zippered center panel. She’s accessorized her loo look with a chain belt by Justine Clenquet that she wore as a necklace, and wrap-tie sandals that only slightly make us worry about her safety. Falling into a toilet seat would be an unfortunate way to ruin a beautiful pair of shoes.