Maybe North West Has a Future Career As a Photographer Too

Kim Kardashian in a photo posted to Instagram, April 16, 2024.

Kim Kardashian called her 10-year-old daughter North West the “Stylist of the year” earlier this week. Now, North might be in the running for “Photographer of the year” based on Kim’s latest Instagram photos. Today, the influencer shared several snaps from their recent Kardashian-Jenner family trip, all of which were taken by Miss North herself.

Kim slipped into a low-cut mini dress to pose amidst some choice liminal space. Her plunging piece was entirely sequined (something North captured rather well with her iPhone lighting work) and featured a curve-hugging silhouette. Kim let the dress shine on its own here, opting for dewy skin and a slicked-back bun.

Although North doesn’t have any official social media accounts of her own—as a pre-teen, she doesn’t meet the age requirements of most apps—she and Kim do share a joint TikTok account. Just last week, the mother-daughter duo attended a Los Angeles Lakers game which resulted in several TikToks, one in which North’s friend could be heard saying “What day is it?” to which the pre-teen replied enthusiastically “Taco Tuesday.” Now, it seems, North is familiarizing herself another social media rite of passage: Instagram photographer.


Like any seasoned Instagram pro, North made sure to capture the back (or lack thereof) of her mom’s outfit. In keeping with the low-cut front, the reverse side of Kim’s dress was designed with a hefty cut-out portion.


Some photos, like this one, were less in focus than others. But, hey, North is still just ten so a little blurriness here and there is expected.


North, clearly, is following in Kim’s footsteps. Alongside a passion for snapping some late night Instagram pics, North also shares an interest in fashion. So much so that during an episode of The Kardashians, she critiqued Kim’s Met Gala in front of Schiaparelli designer Daniel Roseberry. “I like the pearls. I just don't like that it comes from the dollar store,” she said, adding that she thought Kim “Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped.”

During her first-ever solo interview with i-D in October, North opened up about her ambitions saying she wants to be "a basketball player, a rapper, um...Well when I was 7 I wanted to be a boxer.” North continued, “I'm going to do art on the side. Also, one day I want to own Yeezy and SKIMS, and I want to be a business owner.”