Mena Suvari Recreated Her Iconic American Beauty Moment for Marc Jacobs’s Heaven Campaign

Mena Suvari for Marc Jacobs Heaven American Beauty
Harley Weir/Marc Jacobs Heaven

Marc Jacob’s cult sub-label Heaven has become the perfect brand for the Gen-Z ethos, constantly bringing back Y2K style in a modern way, referencing beloved moments of the past, while also celebrating the present and future. Over the last few years, Heaven has picked various cultural moments from recent decades to revisit in their collections, so it makes sense then, that the brand would touch upon another cult-favorite (though a controversial one), American Beauty, for their spring/summer 2022 campaign. In order to promote the latest iteration of the perpetually sold out Kiki boot, Heaven recruited Mena Suvari, to recreate the iconic movie poster from the 1999 film.

Courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures

Laying in a bed of roses for the shot, Suvari wears a white t-shirt bodysuit, featuring the outline of Heaven’s two-headed teddy bear logo. On her feet are the already sold out colorful take on the Kiki boot, created through collaboration with artist Claire Barrow.

The boots are part of Heaven’s first spring drop, which features contributions from Barrow, as well as photographer Ed Templeton. Another drop will come in April and will include pieces printed with stills from the short-lived Comedy Central show from 1994 Hi Octane, which featured sketches and interviews by Sofia Coppola and Zoe Cassavetes. This is the second time Heaven has pulled from Coppola’s work, having paid homage to The Virgin Suicides for their fall/winter 2021 collection.

A third drop will round out the season with graphics and prints from Elliot Shields and artist Alake Shilling, as well as references to the popular claymation character, Gumby.

In addition to Suvari, Heaven also tapped some other big names to promote the collection, including Paloma Elsesser and Nicki Minaj, possibly revealing Jacobs to be a Barb.